Frequency – Specialty Espresso Coffee Beans – 100% Colombian Arabica Single Origin – Ethically Sourced – 500g

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– COLOMBIAN 100% Single Origin Arabica Coffee Beans. Complex caramel, apple and citrus flavours. – EXCELLENT for Espresso coffee machines. Also suitable in stove top, moka pot, aeropress and bean to cup machines. – ETHICALLY SOURCED to maintain the integrity of the supply chain from the best farms around the world. Our importers bring to the global market premium quality coffees whilst empowering farmers with price, traceability and long-term partnerships. – ROASTED IN SMALL BATCHES in London with the aim to highlight the personality of each coffee. The coffee you buy is the same we serve in our popular coffee shop in London. – PRODUCED by Finca El Progreso in Colombia in the Totoro, Cauca region. Frequency ltd. is an independent specialty coffee shop based in London, Kings Cross. We started with the simple objective of bringing beautiful tasting coffee to our local community. We now want to take this one step further and make our coffee available to a wider audience. We source our beans from the top producers in world, and our brilliant team at the roastery in London, work tirelessly to bring out the finest characteristics in our coffee.100% Single Origin Colombian Arabica Coffee Beans.
Perfect for Espresso coffee machines.
Ethically Sourced
Roasted in London in Small batches.
Produced by Finca El Progreso in Colombia in the Totoro, Cauca region at 2050masl. Castillo Variety on a washed process.

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