Portable Espresso Machine by Litchi Mini Manual Coffee Machine for Outdoor Camping Hiking [80 ML, Black]

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Litchi Espresso Machine is a portable, compact manual espresso maker capable of making quality espresso in just a few pumps.

Litchi Espresso Machine made of BPA Free safety material, LFGB certified, which is very sturdy and safe to use. After adding ground coffee, water and pumping a few times the coffee is ready. No batteries or electricity needed, totally manual operation. The espresso it produces puts a smile on your face, and it even delivers a stout creamy when using fresh deep roast ground espresso beans. Built-in cup and scoop, the coffee is very strong and taste delicious.

All the sections come apart and go back together very easily. Clean it is a breeze.

Plus this is a cute little machine to have on the go if you crave for coffee. The design of portability and its lightweight both make it a great buddy to have on the road, mostly long distance travels.

Brew ground coffee with hot water at 8 bar pressure and very easy to use
Step 1: Dismantle the Litchi Mini Portable Espresso Machine.
Step 2: Fill the filter basket with ground coffee powder using the pre measured scoop.
Step 3: Fill the water tank with hot water.
Step 4: Place the filter basket on the top of the main body, screw back the outlet head tight.
Step 5: Screw tight the water tank to the main body.
Step 6: Unlock the piston.
Step 7: Point the spout to the espresso cup and start pumping.
Step 8: Pump until coffee stops coming out.

(1) Tamping too hard may block the filter basket net.
(2) Using finely ground coffee, you may find it difficult to pump water through.

Litchi Portable Espresso Maker’s parts and accessories
* Main Body with Piston X 1
* Water Tank X 1
* Pre-Measured Scoop X 1
* Filter Basket X 1
* Espresso Cup X 1
* Outlet Head X 1

Portable, compact and simple espresso machine capable of making quality espresso with good creamy in just a few pumps, no batteries needed.
8 bar pressure, brewing with hot water
Perfect for people on the go
Easy cleaning by hand wash
BPA Free material. Plus 12 Month Hassle-Free Warranty

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