SACRED London – Gourmet Roast Coffee Beans, 100% Arabica – 500g

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Behind the bean:

SACRED coffee blends undergo a meticulous and careful selection method in order to create each distinctive flavour in the blend. Representatives of SACRED visit multiple coffee plantations and selects only the best coffee beans, taking into consideration a variety of influential factors, such as the fairness in labour, environmental impact the plantation has, as well as the quality of the terroir and the bean itself.

Sacred blends:


Gourmet blend is made with some of the finest beans from South America, Africa and Asia, each of these regions delivering unique qualities and complimenting each other. Brazil presents nice palate acidity and smooth chocolate and caramel undertones, while Ethiopia brings brightness and compliments with lemon acidity. Colombia provides the profile with red fruit sweetness. The balance is brought by Sumatra, which provides a powerful aroma & body.

➠ Unique origins – Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia & Indonesia
➠ Fresh Medium Roast whole bean coffee is sourced from 100% Arabica coffee -Dark Chocolate, Caramel & Citric lemon flavour
➠ Roasted in the UK – This is the same Gourmet whole bean coffee that we serve at our retail locations including our cafes in London and Soho since 2005
➠ Risk Free. If you are not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your order. No questions asked

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