STARGAZER by Happy Earth (Reusable Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup 450ml, Made with Organic Natural Bamboo Fibre, can be used as a travel mug or home coffee mug)

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Happy Earth reusable travel coffee cup made from eco friendly bamboo fibre is fully dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate free. The coffee mug comes with matching silicone no-drip lid and a silicone holding sleeve. Come in beautiful patterns and are sure to brighten up your day. Excellent gift item. ——————[[NOTE:: DISHWASH SAFE BUT NOT SUITABLE FOR MICROWAVE]]——————REUSABLE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Bamboo fibre coffee cup, made with eco-friendly natural bamboo fibre is a reusable cup with a bright colourful design to get you in the right mood at the start of your day, helping you save money and the environment
DISHWASHER SAFE, BPA & PHTHALATE FREE: The Happy Earth bamboo fibre coffee cup / mug and silicone sleeve and lid are dishwasher safe and free of Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Phthalate.
DRIP PROOF AND EASY TO HOLD: The Happy Earth bamboo fibre coffee cups / mugs come with a matching drip proof silicone lid and silicone holding sleeve to make carrying around and holding the coffee cup easier
GENEROUS SIZE / VOLUME: Generous 450 ml volume to carry a large coffee during commute with ease. (Dimensions 13 cm x 9 cm approx)
GERMANY LFGB & USA FDA APPROVED – Are you worried about purchasing a safe product? No compromise on material and quality. We use the highest quality material approved by LFGB (Germany) & FDA (USA). No chemicals or harmful material ever!

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