What is the Best Coffee Machine and The Best Way to Save Money Before You Buy Them

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Planning to Buy Your First Coffee Machine or Upgrading Your Current One? Don’t Buy Anything Until You’ve Read This!
“What is the Best Coffee Machine and The Best Way to Save Money Before You Buy Them”
100% Tested by a Professional Barista with 4 Years Experiences and a Whole Lot of Domestic Coffee Machines and Countless Hours of Experiments

You’re about to discover…….

Why Fully Automatic Coffee Machine = Easy and Tasty Coffee? WRONG!
If You Don’t Want To Learn the Rope, Save Your Money and At Least Buy One of These Coffee Machines
Three Most Sought After Coffee Machines under $1000
The Just Released Dream Coffee Machine and It Won’t Cost You The Earth
The High End Coffee Machines You Must Consider more than $1000
The Coffee Machines “Black List”
Three Secret Ingredients that Make Up the 75% Equation for Perfect Coffee
Three Most Sought After Grinders by Professional Baristas for Home Use
The Last Secret Ingredient that Will Make or Break Your Coffee

Let me tell you my story…

I was born at very young age. After the collapse of my dad’s small business, he sent me to Australia to study…

I’m Coming Australia!…and was going to follow my dream to be a techie / nerd / the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs

But I produce nothing near the “two gods of computing” I did graduated my uni though just to be able apply my citizenship.

Fast forward, I was working in a cafe in Sydney one day as a cook ( used to worked at a number of Italian restaurants before) then suddenly the barista didn’t show up

Can you imagine going to a cafe and you can not have any coffee??? It was a chaos and my boss asked me to learn to do the job ASAP.

My mind was spinning hard, so I…
bought piles of books like crazy uni students

went hours and hours on Youtube videos

went to Barista Competitions

visit most rated cafes around Sydney one by one

plus countless hours on the cafe after hours

I drank 3-5 shots of coffee everyday simply because:
I Super Duper Love……. it
To make sure the coffee is consistent through out the day (This statement did impressed my boss 🙂

I’ve became super perfectionist about my coffees…

4 years later my boss sold the cafe and I decided to try a different career altogether.

But boy, I missed the coffee so much. Nothing can come close to make and sip your first Do It Yourself coffee in the morning

So I bought a domestic coffee machine and think …Hmmm…I’ll be able to make my favourite coffee straight away right?

WRONG! Guess what?

It turned out that I need to do much more work with the domestic coffee machine

I’ve took it for granted when I was working as a professional barista for 4 years. There are many factors that the domestic machines ware missing

I was struggling and struggling most of the time to get the coffee I want. They are either taste super bitter or super tasteless…

I’m sure a lot of you may experience this and It was not funny at all.

So I went back to the basics and ask all my barista friends until I’ve crack the code to produce the tasty coffee I want…

As you can imagine, maybe there are other people just like me out there

You know, who will benefit from my experience and who want to make life easier by having all the information they’ll ever need in one place, in one easy to read book.

I recorded all my experiences, step by step, with the help of my Iphone and Macbook Pro ( ATTENTION! I don’t earn any commission from Apple)

And presto, after many sleepless night in front of coffee machines and computer, I’ve done it. I’m finally be able to share these valuable resources to all of you.

So there you have it… I don’t know about you but I wish I had that information before I wasted so much coffee beans only to make it work.

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